North American Brass Band Championship results: Silver for Weston Silver!

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Silver for Weston Silver!

Weston Silver Band is pleased to announce our 2nd Place finish at this year’s North American Brass Band Championships in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

This year’s contest saw the largest field ever in First Section – a total of 13 bands, all of whom brought their ‘A’ game to the contest. It was absolutely thrilling to hear so many great bands!

First section has become one of the most hotly contested sections at The Championships ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations to First Place winners San Antonio Brass Band – a terrific performance and their first appearance at the Championships! We couldn’t be bigger fans ๐Ÿ™‚

We received some great feedback on our performance from allย 3 of the prestigious adjudicators scoring the contest. The band receives audio comments recorded in real time over the performance from each judge.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

“I suspect you have a good musical director!”

“It’s like (your band) got a box of 96 crayons instead of 16”

“Your dynamic control and intonation is really quite stunning”

“This is a BRASS BAND and it SOUNDS like one!”

“…this is remarkable”

“Oh WOW…folks I gotta…AMAZING!…GOOSEBUMPS!!…wow…just tremendous…bravo…I’m speechless”

First Section Results:

Adjudicators: Allen/Wagner/Waiksnoris
Set Test: Diversions on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd)
Average mark of Set Test/Own Choice

1. San Antonio Brass Band: 98.0/98.0/98.0 = 294.0
2. Weston Silver Band: 97.0/97.0/96.2 = 290.2
3. Dublin Silver Band: 96.0/96.0/96.4 = 288.4
4. Five Lakes Silver Band: 94.2/93.0/94.8 = 282.0
5. Illinois Brass Band: 93.4/93.0/94.6 = 281.0
6. Oakland University Brass Band: 94.4/93.0/93.2 = 280.6
7. Central Ohio Brass Band: 92.0/95.0/93.0 = 280.0
8. Madison Brass Band: 89.8/92.0/93.4 = 275.2
9. Motor City Brass Band: 88.4/93.0/93.6 = 275.0
10. Pikes Peak Brass Band: 91.0/92.0/91.4 = 274.4
11. Brass Band of Columbus: 88.6/94.0/91.2 = 273.8
12. Georgia Brass Band: 90.0/91.0/92.0 = 273.0
13. Brass Band at Indiana University: 86.4/90.0/90.0 = 266.4

In addition to the Band Contest, we also had some great results in the Solo and Ensemble Competition on Friday, April 6th.

Congratulations to these talented musicians!

First Place – Adult Percussion Ensemble

Danielle Sum, Jonathan Hann, Ashley Patoine, Justin Han, Adam Taylor

Weston Silver Percussion Quintet

3rd Place – Low Brass, Slow Melody

Robert Miller, Euphonium

3rd Place – High Brass, Technical

Alex Chan, Tenor Horn

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